Artist Statement

My work reflects my attraction to wide-open spaces, and the variations of layered colors found stacked within these expanses.
Using only a palette knife, I have created a time-intensive process of putting down thin layers of paint over a textural surface.  I organize, disrupt and balance the forms with subdued color, distilling my encounters into visual experiences.  I create compositions  defined horizontally based on color and mass.  They are stabilized by opposing pressure found above and below, and stacked and weighted using bands of pulsating color.

I am not a symbolist – I do not decide in advance what I will be painting or what kind of experience the painting will be.  But in the act of resolving each painting, the piece  becomes a real and unique experience.  I seek to solidify what this experience is, not to identify it to something already known. 

My intention can be measured in the layers of paint by what was originally put down and how it is then covered up.  It is the self-reflection as revealed in the outcome of my work that interests me most.


2009     Solo Exhibition, Some Space Gallery – Seattle, WA
2009     Cornish Art on Loan Exhibition, Children’s Hospital Research –  Seattle, WA
2009     Viva La Familia!, group show, Joe Bar – May – Seattle, WA
2009     Formulations, Solo exhibition at La Familia Artist Cooperative Gallery - February - Seattle, WA
2009     In review, solo alumni exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts - January - Seattle, WA
2008    Small Works, Some Space Gallery group show – November thru December, Seattle, WA
2008    Group Show, La Familia Gallery – October – Seattle, WA
2008    Texture, Color, Form,  Pacini Lubel Gallery Group show - March - Seattle, WA
2007    ArtsWest Gallery Group show - December - Seattle, WA
2007    Group Exhibition, Winston Wachter Fine Art - June thru July - Seattle, WA
2007    East-West-East,  group show presented by Arts to Life - June thru July - London, UK
2007    The Aesthetic of Complexity,  VIVEZA Art Gallery group show - April thru June - Seattle, WA
2006   First Expressions: Soft Focus,  VIVEZA Art Gallery - August - Seattle, WA
2006   Fred Hutchinson Annual 2006 Cornish BFA Art on Loan Exhibition - full year - Seattle, WA
2006   Visually Speaking,  University House group show, featuring graduates from Cornish College,
                  and the University of Washington - June thru October - Seattle, WA
2006   Gage Academy 14th Annual Juried Exhibition, Steele Gallery - June thru July - Seattle, WA
2006   Cornish BFA Exhibition, Terry Ave Studios / Cornish College - May - Seattle, WA
2006   Emerging Artists Student Show, D'Adamo Woltz Gallery - February - Seattle, WA