Artist Statement

My work reflects my attraction to wide-open spaces, and the layers of subtle color found within these expanses.
Using only a palette knife, I have amassed a time-intensive process of putting down thin layers of paint over a textural surface.  I organize, disrupt and balance the forms with subdued color, distilling these painting encounters into visual experiences.  I create compositions generally defined horizontally based on color and mass.  They are stabilized by pressure found above and below the somewhat stacked, weighted & variegated bands of color.

I do not decide in advance what I will be painting or what kind of experience the painting will be.  But in the act of resolving each painting, the piece becomes a real and unique experience.  I seek to solidify what this experience is, not to identify it as a place already known. 

My intention can be measured in the layers of paint by what was originally put down and how it is then covered up.  It is the self-reflection as revealed in the outcome of my work that interests me most.